Rise & Shine…

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6 comments on “Rise & Shine…

  1. That ‘m dear is some pretty heavy stuff. I have been waiting my whole life for it to happen.


  2. MisBehaved says:

    This is where my daughter & I have been going the past several days; since 11-11-11, actually. Something was sparked in her that I’ve never seen before. She wants every answer to everything and she wants it NOW. Says she’s tired and ready to go home. I know the feeling all too well….


  3. wesmantoddshaw says:

    I think I need some ….. tranquilizers and some stimulants now.


  4. MisBehaved says:

    Aww but why? Exploring infinite possibilities is fascinating, isn’t it?


  5. wesmantoddshaw says:

    I smoked pot and watched that second video at least five times yesterday. Besides it being a little fascinating and exploring some concepts I’d never considered. I think some of the ideas in it are a little bit nefarious. I might watch it again today to see if I can narrow down what I mean.


  6. MisBehaved says:

    I love the second video. Lots of valid points, particularly when it comes to the aspects of duality. We’ve stunted ourselves by constantly battling for *good* to triumph over *evil* – we assume that one must overcome the other & devote lifetimes to a battle which need not even exist.

    The alignment of the stars should be interesting to witness. Rapture or no, pole-shift or not, the galaxy is going to be putting on quite a show for us. Makes me wish I could stand in one of the old temples just to see the stars all line up in order & light them all up again…


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