The Rawesome Raid On Food Freedom

Posted below are videos with more  live footage of food being confiscated in the Rawesome Raid last week along with interviews with members of Rawesome. This is a truly chilling example of our federal government overstepping their bounds and blatantly violating the constitutional rights of citizens. This is the prime example of the corporate takeover of our food supply and if you’re not afraid, you are not awake and not fully aware of the world we live in. Organic food is our right; freedom to choose our own foods is also our right.

They cannot take theses rights away without our consent.

According to reports from witnesses interviewed by Natural News Radio Sunday, August 7, 2011, $4,500 in cash was taken from the store and $9,000 confiscated from James Stewart, but only the $4,500 in cash was noted on the warrant. California law requires that all items seized at the raid are noted on the warrant, but the LA County Department of Public Health failed to note the $9,000, meaning there is no longer any paper trail for this cash that was taken from James Stewart. The $9,000 in cash was about to be used to acquire food products (honey, watermelons, eggs and others) that are offered to club members of Rawesome Foods.

Witness Lela Buttery states, “The warrant states that they are to take various samples of dairy products. It also says that they can take files, computers, hard drives, cash, etc., but they have to account for everything. So all of the milk that was dumped out is not accounted for. There’s a part of the warrant that they have to say what they confiscated. There were envelopes in the office that were already set out to pay these vendors… that was about $4500, but when Terrence Powell (Bureau Director, Specialized Surveillance & Enforcement Bureau of LA County Department of Public Health) asked James Stewart how much money is on the premises — that was one of the first questions that was asked — so he said he had nine grand on him, and Terrance asked why would you have so much money on you right now? That money was taken and on the currency sheet it is not on there. So I’m looking at some government agencies that are pocketing some dough right now.”

Listen to the full audio recording of this at:
Learn more at Natural News

This is the ultimate food fight, folks.

The court has now placed a gag order on the defendants as a condition of bail. What right does the court have to silence them and prevent them from exercising their Constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech?

The gag order bars the defendants from:

Speaking to any member of the press.
• Tweeting or blogging about the raid.
• Posting anything on Facebook or websites.
• Sending emails about the case.
• Communicating in any way, verbally or non-verbally about the government raids conducted against them.

Public outrage is rapidly spreading over this unlawful and unconstitutional raid. A viral Tweet campaign has been launched that has people tweeting #rawesome and#farmageddon across the web. Learn more at Natural News and join in the fight to preserve our right to healthy foods and life as free citizens allowed to make our own decisions without the interference of a greed driven nanny state.

This is a total assault on freedom by the government.

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