Facing An Unnatural Future; A Genome Apocalypse?

Below is a video interview with Mike Adams from Natural News about the recent announcement of the secret cloning program, the various attempts to take over the food supply by use of GMO seeds and foods as well as the increasing number of SWAT raids on family farms and producers of natural foods. This is extremely informative and well worth the time it takes to watch. What a fantastic way to bring together so many of the obscure stories about GMO’s and tie them together into a comprehensive picture for those who have not yet fully grasped the implications of the corporate takeover of our country…and world.

I know that some of the terms like ‘controllers’ are still a bit extreme but I sincerely hope that people keep an open mind and listen beyond the few words that may seem foreign and recognize the truth that is talked about during these videos. There is an overwhelming amount of independent information available to corroborate everything Mike and Alex discuss. Most of the information is available straight from the sources like Monsanto, big pharma websites, scientific publications, etc. There is no denying any of this, no matter how far-fetched it sounds.

Who among us ever dreamt we would live in a world where cows were genetically altered to produce human break milk? Who imagined glow in the dark dogs & robotic leopards? And who actually thought that the movie Robo Cop could some day become terrifyingly real? And yet, all if these things are now in existence.  Technology and greed have combined in ways that are unchecked and unhealthy. There are no great secrets being revealed; none of this takes more than a half hour web search to prove…

What there are is too many people who are too absorbed in their cable TV and video games. There are too many people who choose not to look and don’t take time to look for real news stories and get swept away by staged dramas like the so-called budget crisis and completely miss the stories that are going to impact every life form on this planet for centuries to come.

Sadly, I agree with Mike and Alex that it is probably already too late to reverse our course. We have already set into motion more unnatural influences on this planet than we are prepared – or equipped – to deal with. I will not ever agree to a bacterial vaccine designed to prevent me from being eaten alive from a lab designed genetically mutated bacteria. I have a gun that will take care of that scenario long before I bow to being injected with a GMO shot. I fear for our kids, grandkids and their grandkids. A robotic corporate police state is the most terrifying form of civilization to imagine. Please take the time to research for yourself…even if we can’t fully reverse our course it seems that the very least we can do is to fight this – for the future generations – and to make the battle as long and difficult for them as possible. After all, it ain’t over til it’s over – and we need people to survive, to remember and to record the battle for humanity.

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