How a Cup of Coffee Can Affect the World Water Crisis

Amyie Kao was born and raised in Oklahoma. She and her husband, Daniel, founded Mariposa Coffee, an artisan micro-roastery in Norman. Mariposa is built on the principles of giving back to community, roasting coffee with passion, and advocating for social justice. In 2013, Mariposa partnered with Water4, to put a water well in a C.O.E. coffee-growing region of Rwanda that brings 600 villagers access to clean water. 

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3 comments on “How a Cup of Coffee Can Affect the World Water Crisis

  1. tubularsock says:

    Thanks MisBW ………. I’m sitting on my butt drinking my second cup of coffee and after seeing the video you posted I feel I have helped the world! I have to stop writing, I’m going for a second pot!


    • LOL! I was already on my 2nd pot of homebrew complete with grounds in the bottom by the time I caught this video…what’d you do, forget to preset your coffee-IV this morning? Slow poke… :-D


  2. she is a very powerful, convincing speaker–her intermittent struggles with composure merely emphasizing how much this intelligent young woman is moved. We NEED those coffee companies to do just what she proposed! Is there some sort of a gress roots page–somewhere to spread the word?

    I want to help!! Starbucks can certainly cough up a sawbuck…


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