Guerrilla Gardening With Seed Bombs

Permaculture – “Guerrilla gardening is a global regeneration movement, bringing colour and life to desolate and forgotten urban areas. You don’t need a garden to participate. Those involved take it upon themselves to brighten up neighbourhoods, roadsides and wastelands.

As well as brightening up urban landscapes, guerrilla gardening brings people together for a common cause. So why not get involved and regenerative your local area with these DIY seed bombs? With a mixture of compost, clay, seeds and water, these little ‘bombs’ are easy to make and will bring colourful flowers to grey urban areas.”

Don’t forget to use seeds from native flowers to your area!

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5 comments on “Guerrilla Gardening With Seed Bombs

  1. Love it, but I am including hemp and cannabis seeds. Throw them everywhere there is a police station or ignorant fools who spread lied about cannabis.


  2. Love this idea. I have a huge yard and am working with my yard guy this year to plant it with native flowers and other plants that will grow in our terrible clay.


    • Ahh…you have Pottery Soil, too! I swear I can pluck enough clay to sculpt a bowl for every 2ft of ground I work here. Sunflowers seem to like it is about all I learned this past season :-)


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